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Go Green

Steel is the most widely recycled material in North America and the steel industry has been recycling since the mid 1800’s.  It is less expensive to recycle steel than it is to mine and produce new steel.

Steel does not lose any of its strength or physical properties during the recycling process. Recycling steel reduces the annual energy consumed by the North American Steel Industry by about 75%; enough energy to power 18,000,000 homes per year.

KMS recycles all metal scrap, including the fine pieces produced from milling or turning steel, apptly named “turnings”. We support many recycling efforts and are working to become “greener”.




In the Shop

In the Office

In the Lunch Room

  • Energy Efficient Lighting (Also a distributor – check out Energy Conservation)
  • All lights out each night
  • Recycle all Scrap Metal
  • Reuse shipping skids
  • Purchase recycled shop rags
  • Use cloth roller towels at the wash stations
  • Alternative Energy – For vehicles and generating energy
  • Net Metering – (Send overflow of renewable energy back to the Grid)

  • Full shut down of computers each night
  • Use both sides of paper
  • Recycled office furniture
  • Our Internet Host powers their server with 100% Renewable Energy
  • Recycle ink & toner cartridges
  • Implementation of recycled paper
  • Recycled business cards & brochures
  • Recycle our plastic, cardboard and glass
  • Stocked with washable mugs, cutlery and dishes
  • Coffee and tea in-house for staff – eliminates purchasing coffee in paper cups


We have committed to becoming environmentally friendly.
Our long-term goals include:

  • Obtain ISO-14000 Voluntary Environmental Management
  • Reduction of chemical based cleaning and painting, switching to water based
  • Powering our entire Facility with Renewable Energy (check out our Alternative Energy & Net Metering plans)