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Prototype and Design

From conception through design, to finished product on time.  That’s KMS!

All types of Industry rely on our expertise! When it comes to design build issues encountered while prototyping or implementing design improvements of existing parts or automation processes, KMS provides positive and innovative ideas that can help you overcome challenges. We enjoy the opportunity to assist you in your new design project.

Prototype or one-off parts are a common occurence at KMS. Whether it be an unsourceable standard repair component for a machine or a custom designed component, KMS provides a solution.

Our precision machine shop, welding fabrication shop, skilled tradesmen, equipment and comprehenisve inventory offer you One Source, One Responsibility for your prototype.

KMS’ automation projects have provided solutions for the Automotive, Energy and Natural Resource industries. Our expertise resulted in shortened production times and improved workstation quality, while adhering to strict quality and safety standards.


Custom design builds requiring Engineering or drawing approval are a part of our complete prototype design build or repair solution.